ObjectDock Version 1.9 Free

Conveniently manage your programs and display them through the task manager

If you use your PC as a main instrument of work or leisure you probably need a decent task manager and program launcher. You don’t think about it, but you spend quite some time searching for software programs and launching them. ObjectDock is a simple and compact software program that acts as a task manager and as a program launcher. It enables you to organize any shortcuts and tasks you prefer on a desktop dock which offers easy access and speedy performance. Once you've selected which items you'd like on your dock, you can completely customize their looks and even set different animations that will take effect whenever your mouse cursor will hover over an item.
Using this tool guarantees increased order in your work, increased efficiency, and increased pleasure.
ObjectDock offers a free version which includes most features and a full version for a certain fee in which all features are available.
Users come first